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I want a mewtwo but I have already use the master ball on a rayquaza so what is the catch-rate of a mewtwo with 1 HP ,SLP,PAZ with an ultra ball in Pokemon X/Y ?


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Catch = ((( 3 Max HP - 2 Current HP ) Catch Rate Poke Ball Bonus ) / ( 3 Max HP )) Status Condition Bonus
This is the equation I will use:
(((3 416 - 2 1) 3 2)/(3416))2
(this is with sleep)
= 11.980769230....
or 12
This is the equation if you were to paralyze it and not make it fall asleep:
(((3 416 - 2 1) 3 2)/(3416))1.5
or 9
(the reason I couldn't do both status conditions is you cant be paralyzed and asleep at the same time, as far as I know)
So, the chance would be 12 if you make Mewtwo fall asleep, and 9 if you paralyze him.
Hope I helped!

Seeing as you can't paralyze AND cause a pokemon to fall asleep, I'd love to see him get that 9.
I just hope I don't have to do all that calculator work again!