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I'm trying to figure out certain percentages for fun and I cant find anything about Pokemon with 1 hp and the exact percent for asleep Pokemon. Can anyone help me out with this question? I want the numbers, not the overall calculation.

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Percentage modefier for what, catching, if so, we're gonna need a lot more, like for example the ball use.
Yeah we need more info
On a Glasrtier in gen VIII (8) with a beast ball. I've already seen that Glastriers catch rate is a 3 and the beast ball is a 0.1 on a standard pokemon
What's the level of your pokemon you are using? Oh, it doesn't change if your pokemon is a different level.
100 galade with false swipe and hypnosis
In case it helps people understand this question: the Poke Ball used and the species are both irrelevant. The question is asking about how sleep and 1 HP affect the catch rate in general, not for one particular capture attempt.

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Ok, so you don't want the numbers, unfortunately, but I'll try to help. Sleep multiplies a 2.5 onto the a, the modified catch rate variable. For HP, we have this simple parenthetical expression: (3 * HPmax - 2 * HP current). So basically, you're getting a MUCH better chance of catching it. Because you don't want the math, I won't compute how to catch it, however, if you want that, I can add a step by step easily.

Hope this helps :)


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Yep, this was what I was searching for. Thank you so much! ^-^
If you got this information from any other than off the top of your head, then you need to cite where you got it from.
Shoot, yeah let me add that. Forgot about that. thanks