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I would like to know which Pokémon is the strongest Pokémon in Stats, and Move-sets. I know back in Gen. 5's strongest was Kyurem in all forms. But I need to know which is the strongest within the National Dex.


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Strongest Pokemon stat wise as of today was the mega mewtwos, with a whopping 780 in all.
For movesets:
Mewtwo @mewtwonite x
Aura sphere
Drain punch

[email protected] y
Charge Beam
Shadow Ball
Ice Beam

Hope I helped!
Source:http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/mewtwo (click on the mega evos)

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The strongest Pokemon as of yet are Mewtwo's mega evolutions. With a whopping BST of 780 apiece, you will bow down to them. Their (or should I say its) movepool is very diverse, encompassing both physical and special moves. It is a huge threat, so you should just get on your Pelliper and fly back to NU. Source.

Sample Movesets:

Mewtwo @ Mewtwonite X
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 4 HP
Nature: Adamant (^Atk vSpAtk) or Jolly (^Spd vSpAtk)
Drain Punch
Psycho Cut
Power-Up Punch/Brick Break
Barrier/Elemental Punches


Mewtwo @ Mewtwonite Y
EVs: 252 SpAtk, 252 Spd, 4 HP
Nature: Modest (^SpAtk vAtk) or Timid (^Spd vAtk)
Shadow Ball
Ice Beam/Thunderbolt
Charge Beam/Calm Mind/Recover

Our movesets are almost the same :D
I also forgot to say that my mewtwo (mega evo Y) has the modest nature :D
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Bow down to the................Bow down to the Mews!
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