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Im having trouble trying to work out out witch are the strongest characteristics every where I look it is not numbed by first second third fourth fifth please help

  • HP
    Loves to eat
    Takes plenty of siestas
    Nods off a lot 
    Scatters things often
    Likes to Relax  

  • Attack
    Proud of its power
    Likes to thrash about
    A little quick tempered
    Likes to fight
    Quick Tempered

  • Defense
    Sturdy body
    Capable of taking hits
    Highly persistent
    Good endurance
    Good perseverance

  • Special Attack
    Highly curious
    Thoroughly Cunning
    Often lost in thought
    Very finicky

  • Special Defense
    Strong willed
    Somewhat vain
    Strongly defiant
    Hates to lose
    Somewhat stubborn

  • Speed
    Likes to run
    Alert to sounds
    Impetuous and silly
    Somewhat of a clown
    Quick to flee

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Actually they can be in almost any order. Each characteristic represents a stat (as you know), but they also represent one of six or seven different IVs in that stat. For example, a Pokemon with the characteristic "Loves to eat" has its highest IV in HP, and can have 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 HP IVs.

The only characteristics that can have 31 IVs are "Takes plenty of siestas", "Likes to thrash about", "Capable of taking hits", "Mischievous", "Somewhat vain" and "Alert to sounds". This is the closest you'll get to an answer.

If you want to see the other characteristics and the IVs they represent, see this: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Characteristic

Also, I edited your question's formatting a bit to make it a bit more organised.

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