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I was thinking, Raising 2 stats is great, but not having control over which stat can be annoying don't you think, I decided that it could be decent, but then, the Pokemon that learn it aren't great for it, I thought using in a double battle and replace Strength on my Drapion for it on him, but I believe t's male, not sure though, so can you help me in my crisis


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I would say no because its normally better to teach a move with a set stat booster like swords dance/quiver dance because if your using a physical Pokemon and it raises special attack, it will just be a wasted turn.
Heres what smogon has to say about it:
Acupressure is an intriguing move that could have many useful applications. Its biggest draw is undoubtedly its ability to increase the evasion stat of the user without breaking the Evasion Clause, which prevents the use of moves such as Minimize and Double Team in Smogon's standard competitive metagames. However, in most cases it is not worth the bother to try to stall for the evasion boost, as the chances of it occurring before the user is knocked out by the opponent's attacks, and then being of use afterwards, are at best minimal. Competitively speaking, more reliable boosting moves are favored; however, Acupressure is infamous for its integral role in several noteworthy strategies for pulling off win streaks in the Battle Subway, when coupled with a Trick or Flash user—Drapion with Acupressure, Rest, Substitute, and Crunch is the most well-known of these.-but to me there are better sets on drapion.
There really arent any good users of the move except probably drapion.

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To be honest this is ingame, I used mixed strategies Like Mixnite, instead of mixmence, stuff like that, this could be usefull
yeah i guess so but there really are not any mixed pokemon that can learn it
Whats mixmite?
Instead of a mixmence(mix salamence) I use a Mixnite(Mix Dragonite)
Shouldn't it be MixNite??? And I use Sub+Acupressure Dodrio in NU :3
LOL didn't notice, I'll change that.