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I have 3 Sunkerns, and I want to train one in order to evolve it to Sunflora though I don't know which one. The reason I'm having trouble is, because they each have a different ability (Chlorophyll, Solar Power, and Early Bird). Which should be the best to evolve.

I wanted to do a double battle with Ninetales (that has drought) and a Sunflora that would help it out, but I don't really know.

Suggestions and help please.


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Chlorophyll-Boosts the Pokémon’s Speed in sunshine.
That Is Good In Double Battle With Ninetails With The Ability Drought.

Solar Power-In sunshine, Solar Power raises the Special Attack stat 1.5×, but lowers the user's HP by 1/8 of its maximum HP at the end of each turn.Which Also Can Be Good In Double Battles With A Ninetails With The Ability Drought.Its Up To You But My Opinion Would Be To Evolve The One With The Ability Chlorophyll.

Early Bird-The Pokémon awakens quickly from sleep.Well Isn't really benefiting from the sun like the other two abilities do.So I really wouldn't consider this ability unless your battling an Opponent with Sleeping Moves.

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Yea I was wondering about that but just wanted to consider if Solar Power could be another option. Thanks anyways for the help. (I never really considered training the one with Early Bird, but I thought maybe it could have a combo or something. Though I couldn't think of one lol).
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Well, if used in a sun team, the Sunkern with Chlorophyll would be the best one to evolve.

In a double battle, while Solar Power is useful as well, it decreases its Hp yet increases its SAtk.

And Early Bird is good with a rest combo, which it can learn, is another option. It can also work.

So all three abilities are good, but in a Sun Team, Chlorophyll, which raises its Spd, is the better ability.

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I suggest you take out the early bird because it doesnt really have any good use other than rest/early waking up but its too frail to even do that. But if ninetails has drought, you want an ability that can benefit from the sun. I would choose chlorophyll because of its slow speed, this will double the speed and will make it capable of sweeping with that base 105spAtk stat.
Solar power is also nice when you can boost your already high sp atk but it loses hp in the sun and if the speed is low, whats the point of powering up? you can die before you get to attack with those frail defenses.
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