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You see, alot of Double Battle combos say the "Skarmbliss" combo. It's even banned in VGC Tournaments! What's so good about this combination? Should I consider using it in a Double Battle team?

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This was THE defensive core in Gen 4; thanks to Skarmory's amazing
Defense and Blissey's enormous HP, this combination had tremendous
defensive effectiveness against the majority of purely physical or
special offensive threats. Besides walling opponents, both Skarmory
and Blissey could provide valuable support for either a stall or
balanced team, with Skarmory providing Spikes and phazing and Blissey
healing teammates with Wish (especially helpful for stall teammates
that lacked recovery). Blissey could also provide cleric aid with Heal
Bell / Aromatherapy and Stealth Rock, if those moves were not present
on teammates. While mixed attackers like Infernape and Salamence were
a tremendous threat, they usually relied heavily on Life Orb to make
up for their split offensive EVs. Between Life Orb damage and passive
damage, stall teams had a good chance of dancing their way around
these wallbreakers by using smart switching, status moves, and
prediction. Celebi and Tentacruel were common teammates to this pair,
sponging Fire- and Electric-types fairly well. While this strategy is
still effective in BW, players generally prefer the new and improved
combination of Jellicent and Ferrothorn. Furthermore, Gen 5 brings
some completely new threats to the table, capable of tearing through
SkarmBliss with ease. Jellicent and Ferrothorn are preferred due to
their better type synergy, superior movepools, and Jellicent's ability
to block Rapid Spin. Due to her significantly higher bulk, Blissey
also faces stiff competition from Eviolite Chansey, making it much
less common. Here's an example of a very successful stall team from
Gen 4. It demonstrates how SkarmBliss can be used with other defensive
Pokemon. Using Tentacruel and Celebi to switch into Fire- and
Electric-type moves aimed at Skarmory, and Fighting-type moves aimed
at Blissey, david stone's team was highly successful. A combination of
Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Stealth Rock, and constant switching took its
toll on the opponent. This is helped by Skarmory's Whirlwind, Celebi's
Perish Song, and in some cases, Hippowdon's Roar. It's important to
note that not only does the team wall all the major threats of the
metagame, each teammate provides support that forwards the goal of

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Wow. That's amazing. Thanks iNom!
Although this does say nothing at all about its viability (which is nonexistant) in Double battles.
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I don't really see why this would be banned in Double Battles. I'll explain my reasoning later on.

For singles, the SkarmBliss combo is a potent, although dying team combo. Blissey has incredible Special Defense while Skarmory has incredible Defense. Working in tandem they can absorb both spectrums with ease and wall out the foe. Unfortunately, this has become less viable as the overall power of Pokemon has increased (see Guts Conkeldurr) as well as the introduction of Psyshock.

As for Doubles, I see no idea why this would be banned. It is not very viable as your opponent can easily target the one that will be more impacted by your attack. I would not consider using it in Doubles.

Blissey alone can be useful in Doubles though. While you still have to keep it away from physical attacks, it has a large support movepool consisting of moves such as Heal Bell, Gravity, and Heal Pulse that can prove helpful.