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As you guys might be able to tell, I'm really annoyed right now. To start this off, I picked Fennekin, so I'm chasing Zapdos. I already know how to track its location, but the real problem is that every time I even get near the route it's in, it just HAS to fly to another one that isn't very near the previous one. I really wanna catch it, but I have to run into it 12 TIMES before I can finally confront it at Sea Spirit's Den. This seems very difficult without the proper tactics. I need strategies, guys. Help me.


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This is a little trick I learned when catching the lake trio, bird trio, and Cresselia in Platinum.

Go to a city without any gates. Get on you're bike and ride back and fourth between routes. I'm going to use Camphrier Town as an example (though I suggest you use that as a good start). I would start there then ride my bike back and fourth through the town and the routes surrounding it. You can stop when you realize Zapdos is on the same route as you then you can just ride in the grass for it. Then rinse and repeat!

Good luck catching Zapdos and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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enter and exit buildings until you're on the route it's on

It's that simple