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EV's: 252 Sp. Attack 252 Speed 4Sp. Defense
Item: Air balloon
Nature: Timid
Trait: Flash Fire
Gender: Female

  • Fire Blast
  • Earth Power
  • Hidden Power (Grass)
  • Toxic

Whenever I try and use this Heatran on free single battles on Pokemon Y, I get this message:

There was a problem with your Pokemon, and they could not participate.

Anyone know what's up with this Heatran? The second I take him out of my battle box and replace him with something else, I can get into battles first time every time.

http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/107669/random-match-up-problem The way you've formatted your question is almost identical to this one. Obviously your problem is in a different Gen and there seems to be a different problem but... ¬_¬

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Well that message usually comes up when you've got a hacked Pokemon on your hands. Where did you get it from? Pokegen? AR? or did you recieve it in an online trade? The same thing happens with Pokebank, if you've got a hacked Pokemon in Black, White or Black and White 2 it will say that there was a problem with one of the Pokemon and could not be transported.
So it must be hacked.

Hope I helped!