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Okay, I'm training up a smeargle, and so far it knows transform. Well, I need to know how to put moves like Baton Pass (and other moves) on it easily.


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Find a Smeargle on Route 7, and sketch something onto it.

This is normally if the Smeargle can survive the attack. For example, you can use Baton Pass on a Smeargle in Route 7 with no one else in your party, and then Smeargle can Sketch the Baton Pass, then you can catch it. So yeah, if your desired move can let your Smeargle survive, you can catch one on Route 7.

If that's not possible, catch an unsketched Smeargle and find the Pokemon that has your desired move. Save the game, and battle the Pokemon. You will need to continuously Sketch it until you get the move. This will be annoying, so I'd prefer the above method. Of course, there is a possibility the above method may be rather unreliable.

Breeding doesn't pass it down, ignore the whole thing I posted about breeding it. xD

Hope I helped. :)
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Also, I haven't looked at this video but it seems trustworthy due to the volume of likes it's received.
What!? Smeargle doesn't have egg moves. ALL moves have to be scetched
You're right. Sorry. >.<
I still have my above method though. :3
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Get a Pokemon that ONLY has baton pass. Go to the Pokemon village and find Ditto. Swap in that Pokemon so Ditto transforms into it. Then Put your Smeargle in (make sure it has sketch). Because Ditto can only keep using Baton Pass (which will fail for wild Pokemon), you can safely skech it and run away. As long as you can survive the hits, this works for almost any move

Source: that's how I do it