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Well because of sketch you could make a smeargle with Judgement or some other crazy move??!

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Just about. There are a few moves he cannot sketch, such as struggle, but he can learn just about any combination of moves you can think of. Just be careful before you decide to put a bunch of sweeping moves on him. Remember that his base stats aren't that high. Spore is one of the most useful moves to put on him. Instant sleep on the opponent lets him set up any strategy you have for him.

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According to Bulbapedia, there are 559 moves in the game. Smeargle can sketch all but struggle and chatter. He also probably wouldn't carry sketch for a battle, so I won't count that. That leaves 556 moves total for him to learn. nCr=n!/(r!(n-r)!). n=556 and r=4, making 3,939,049,415 possible combinations for a smeargle moveset.
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Sketch is like a move called metronome or mimic. It can learn any move personally. Heres a hint! To get a great, stunning move, enter a double battle with a superior pokemon and Smeargle. Have your great pokemon use the move it wants smeargle to use and use sketch on your pokemon and have it learn that move. Honestly, it's better then battling a wild pokemon that uses growl and now you don't have a effective move. Anyway, hopes this helps! :D

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