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I want to see whats behind those doors but I cant get in. Is there a way in?

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If I had figured out how to make Pokemon Fangames for X (or Y) then I would be making a hack for it with the ability to find more passes to open secret areas of the Power Plant.

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you can enter one of them

enter image description here
the one behind the team flare grunt is the one you are able to get through. battle the team flare guy. he will then tell you that he has lost a key to the power plant. turn on the dowsing machine, go to the closest rock and press a. you will then receive a key which gives you entrance to one of the doors to the power plant. this is the one behind the team flare guy showed on this picture. however, its five doors in total, and you can't enter four of them
enter image description here
there is no way yet to open the doors, but it might be an future event although no one knows…

Nobody knows how to open them, maybe it's event related?

hope I helped:D

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This is actually a very good question and I pondered on this myself. It's impossible to open the other doors that the team flare grunt isn't in front of unfortunately but i'm sure they're there for a reason and it may be a future reason that the developers will most likely release as an update.. but that's my guess

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