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I saw on youtube that the doors that are locked at the power plant could most likely be the locations for Hoopa, Diancie, or Volcanion I dont know weather its true because these Pokemon aren't even confirmed.

That part is so creepy.

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How are we supposed to know? Only Game Freak and Nintendo know when the event goes on if any. Do remember that those Pokemon might not ever get an event; it is very possible that they were just left in the coding, never to be used at all.

If those Pokemon really are meant to exist though, there doesn't seem to be any other area that they could use. Think about it though - looking at those Pokemon, they don't seem to be the kind that live somewhere in a power plant.

Just a random theory, as I have not played gen6, they could have been trapped in there for some heinous experiment of team flare...
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They could be, but there is no way to know yet.

I personally doubt it since none of them look like Electric types, which is what you would expect from the Power Plant.

Could they actually be there please tell me
They could. But how in the world am I supposed to know? I don't work for Game Freak...
JarJar is lying.