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Title says it all and is it a female? The event page on serebii has the male icon on it

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aren't most events shiny locked?
Not sure. I never particularly cared about events. This is probably the only event pokemon I want
you can get a free shiny gible in bw2 if you want a shiny garchomp that badly
I don't have bw2 plus that thing is a pain to get. I also hate gen 5. It's my second most hated gen due to how messy the in game battle animations are. Also, I already have like ten shiny Garchomps. I just want one that has Cynthia as the original trainer
then just make a new game and catch a garchomp with your name as cynthia.
Why would I do that? I'm looking for the event pokemon not just a try hard imitation like that. If I wanted to do that then I wouldn't have bothered to ask this question. That's not even mentioning the odds of getting a shiny via breeding or whatever

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Starting things off, all of Cynthia’s event Garchomps are female. The other events are all male. Looking at Serebii, it seems that none of them are shiny, so I therefore assume that they are shiny locked. If I’m wrong, sorry about that, there isn’t a lot of info on this topic.

Source: https://www.serebii.net/events/dex/445.shtml

Hope this helps! :)

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I honestly don't blame you for being unsure.  I checked probably 4 different sources and all of them gave different or unclear results.
Yup. For me Serebii was the only source that gave enough info about it, though it still was pretty much a guess :P