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Often while using ice beam, aura sphere, eartquake on cynthia's garchomp, garchomp simply dodges it, despite the fact that they have 100% hitting chance.
Why does this happen?

with what pokemon ?
Articuno- ice beam and just for experimenting i give it a scope lens ( it is of lvl 94)

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If Aura Sphere is missing then your game is glitched. Aura Sphere never misses, no matter what evasion modifiers your opponent has or what accuracy modifiers you have.

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Is this battle during a Sandstorm? While I don't remember battling her during one, Cynthia's Garchomp has Sand Veil and it increases its evasion in a sand storm by 20%.

This is the only reason I can think of because moves like Ice Beam should not miss, unless your Pokemon has Hustle or your opponent's used a move like Flash to decrease your accuracy. Articuno's ability is Pressure, and at this stage an opponent should not be using accuracy reducing moves (they might still use evasion inducing ones), so Sand Veil is the only thing raising Garchomps evasion stat.


Sand Veil (ability)

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These moves DO NOT have a 100% hitting chance. The "100" on the accuracy section is actually not a percentage.

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Trachy is correct. Moves like Aerial Ace simply don't calculate if an opponent has raised their evasiveness / lowered your accuracy.
Oh that's true; I only saw Ice Beam. Aura Sphere shouldn't miss even with whatever evasion inducing move/ ability etc. is in effect, so I'd agree with the game being glitched.
By the way, i was playing it on my friend's console, these all things happened. I was never unlucky enough for these to happen.
during a TV show about Watchy watchhog and those items she said that when the accuracy is 100 it realy means it has a 99% of hitting
Yep, game's glitched.