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In Pokemon Pearl

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Weavile and Floatzel are two of the 'mons I can think of.
Cynthia's Garchomp is my childhood trauma so far.

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The best Pokemon not just against her Garchomp but her entire team as a whole is Gyarados. By sending out Gyarados against Spiritomb, you can setup three or four dragon dances and just one shot her entire team with waterfall and ice fang. The only exception is her Milotic which can't hurt you in return so it is feasible to simply spam waterfall against it

Finally, do not rely on water types having ice type coverage to deal with Garchomp. It will not die to a non stab ice type move especially weaker ones such as a Golduck or Tentacruel ice beam. This is of course, assuming that both Pokemon are of similar levels

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This is Pearl, so you can't get a Froslass until getting the National Pokédex and beating the E4.
If Garchomp will not die to a non-STAB ice move, why do you recommend ice fang Gyarados?
Lvl 57 100 SpA Choice Specs Floatzel Ice Beam vs. Lvl 62 0 HP / 0 SpD Garchomp: 228-272 (101.3 - 120.8%) -- guaranteed OHKO
Is it? I'll have to edit that out then. Damn dp sucks

@sumwun dragon dance. I mentioned that by setting up dd against Spiritomb, it can brute force its way thru Cymthia
@sumwun Her Garchomp is level 66 in DP.
Thanks for help
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This answer only applies to Platinum

Weavile is your best option so far, it's faster than Garchomp and can one shot her with Ice Punch.

Another good alternative is an Azumarill with Huge Power and Ice Punch, it is bulky enough to survive an Earthquake and Dragon Rush (as long as she don't crit) then counter back with Ice Punch.

Ice Punch is available to learn at the Move Tutor house at Route 212 using 2 Red Shards and 6 Blue Shards.

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Octillery seems like a good option.

Ice Beam to take out Garchomp instantly.
Also takes out Roserade and Togekiss.
Flamethrower to take out Lucario.
Bullet Seed to take out Milotic. (Might not go down in one turn)
Surf / Toxic is your best option against Spiritomb, since it has no weakness in Gen 4. Additionally you could use Toxic to take it down with passive damage.

Is this better than Gyarados or Floatzel?
I believe it is, because it can take down almost the entire team.
What level does it need to be to take down almost the entire team? How do you know Gyarados can't do it at the same level?
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I've beaten Cynthia hundreds of times, with different sets of teams and Pokemons. At the top of my head, Pelipper takes down Garchomp the easiest of all. Cynthia’s Garchomp does not have a super-effective move for Pelipper.

My Modest Pelipper has the following moves:

  • Air Cutter (super effective on Garchomp, also on Lucario and as well Roserade, and you guessed it, Gastrodon, if Diamond/Pearl, too)
  • Ice Beam (also super effective on Garchomp, as well Roserade, and Togekiss, if Platinum, too)
  • Surf
  • Toxic

However, I wont argue that Gyarados, also a same type Water/Fying Pokemon, is easily universally used everywhere and better choice overall to have in your team. Gyarados is an overused powerful sweeper Pokemon when used correctly with Dragon Dance, but takes longer to raise, slower to level up in the game. Wingull/Pelipper is easy to find in the wild and quick to raise.

Garchomp is a physical attacker and is defensively stronger against physical attacks than it is to special attacks.
Garchomp is a Physical attacker.
Pelipper is a Special attacker and has a stronger physical defense than Gyarados with a base physical defense at 100, Gyarados at 70.
Garchomp will outspeed both.
Pelipper will inflict more damage to Garchomp with special attack Ice beam than Gyarados’s Ice fang without swords dance or dragon dance.

Floatzel is also a good, underrated choice because of its speed and ice access, but is fragile at defense, and so is Weavile. Weavile is also a good addition to the team for Elite Four and easily sweeps Lucian’s psychic team before Cynthia. Both are not so versatile against majority of Cynthia's team as Pelipper is.

Specifically against Garchomp only and against Cynthia’s team, Ive always had no problem using Pelipper and lasted longer in the battle.

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Can you explain why Pelipper is better than both Floatzel and Gyarados?
Flying types are only neutral against Ground types, not super effective. Lucario doesn't take Super Effective damage from Air Cutter BECAUSE of the Steel typing