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I'm not even sure what to do. I'm trying to train up my team to be stronger, and there aren't enough strong Pokemon to battle in the wild. Here's my team:
Azelf Lv. 52 @Dread Plate: Confusion, Facade, Future Sight, Payback
Uxie Lv. 55 @Spooky Plate: Psychic, Yawn, Shadow Ball, Dream Eater
Bibarel Lv. 56 @Mystic Water:(HM Slave) Surf, Strength, Cut, Rock Smash
Staraptor Lv. 58 @Destiny Knot: Aerial Ace, Brave Bird, Close Combat, Fly
Torterra Lv. 69 @Shell Bell(it was a joke): Frenzy Plant, Crunch, Giga Drain, Earthquake
Giratina Lv. 78 @Spell Tag: Shadow Force, Rock Climb, Earth Power, Slash

Please give me some kind of a strategy.

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Some of the ponds in the post-game have very high-level wild Pokemon that you can find by surfing. I forget which specific ponds are the best, though.
meh that ok. Thanks sumwun.
You can also just defeat Cynthia over and over. Trainers' Pokemon give more experience than wild Pokemon, so I'm pretty sure this is faster than level grinding on any wild Pokemon.
Plus, Cynthia is really rich! You gets lots of money on defeating her LOL.
Yeah I'm still thinking about battling her.

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In D/P, Victory Road's Inside B1F has Pokémon of level 50-52 that give quite a nice EXP total, but then again they're cave Pokémon. You can always try the first floor of Snowpoint Temple, Route 225 or Route 229. Or, if you think you can take slightly higher levels and a sandstorm, Route 228.

In D/P, Route 227 gives more EXP than Route 228 on average in the night, but slightly less in the morning and day. It is, however, awfully inaccessible. You could also technically go for Turnback Cave's mid-levels, but then you need to get to the first pillar first. You could also use some lower floors of Snowpoint Temple.

In D/P, the highest experience you'll get from ordinary wild Pokémon in the game is from the high-level Turnback Cave.

The best option is repeatedly fighting the Elite 4 and Cynthia, as they yield more experience than most wild Pokemon.


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Alright thank you. I still however am usure...
Why are you unsure?
I'm unsure if I'm ready to rematch Cynthia.