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I want to add Breloom to my team (post-Darkrai), and I need a way to quickly level Shroomish to 45, then Breloom to around 55. However, levelling up is slow and I don't want a weak teammate using up all of my Reviver Seeds. What should I do, how should I do it and where should I do it?


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Midnight Forest : Some decent leveled Pokemon there not too high but in the 30 . They're mostly all bug types so a Fire-Type tagging along could easily grind through the Dungeon. It has a good 25 floors and some rare items can be found.

Temporal Tower : Pretty high leveled Pokemon and the chance of recruiting Dialga after beating him and some Exp.


  • Beat Pokemon via Linked Moves, you get 1.5x Exp than usual
  • Search for Monster Houses, if you can deafeat them they give you massive amounts of Exp
  • Zero Isle North has 6 Joy seeds which level your Pokemon up
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Ugh… Zero Isle…
Tell me about it i only beat north and got the golden mask
I tried Zero Isle East today and got rekt by some Yanma :(

Zero Isle North shouldn'r be too hard, though. It just limits Exp. gain.
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I know I'm answering my own question here, but it's allowed. This is a way to level grind that I found works, for future reference for anyone who needs it.

You will need:

– a Dungeon with medium-high level Pokémon, and no Ghost-types
– a Mobile Scarf
– three teammates willing to defend the trainee

Okay, so I stumbled across this will recruiting Phione in Miracle sea. I had my lv. 10 Bulbasaur tag along for the ride so that he could maybe gain a level or two. When he came out, he was lv. 18.

I gave him a Mobile Scarf. While hard to come by, they are very useful; they allow you to walk across any surface (water, lava, chasms) as well as through walls. Since Bulbasaur was so underlevelled I decided that I could always tell him to run off through the walls if he got in trouble. While my party was walking through a narrow passage, Bulbasaur went into a wall.

A sudden realization hit me thatmy underlevelled Bulbasaur could hide in the wall, completely invulnerable, while I farmed Exp. for him. I went into his 'Tactics' and changed him from 'Let's go together!' to 'Stay there'. He stayed put in the wall! This is how I level grind now, in conjunction with Silverdragon's answer.

There are two weaknesses to this strategy:

1 – Ghost-type Pokémon can walk through walls and deceasify my Bulbasaur. Stay away from dungeons with Ghosts in them.
2 – Spread moves, like Ominous Wind and Earth Power, can hit through walls. I almost lost Bulba to Lanturn's Discharge.

That is my strategy for level grinding. Please refrain from upvoting the answer, since it is my own. If you feel the need to upvote, go upvote Silver's.

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