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I was playing black,and then in undella town I found Cynthia ,who had a spiritomb who was wrecking me and me team,please help

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No, @GreaninjaF4n. That question was for platinum. This is for Black and White.
The thing about Spiritomb is it has no weakness in gen 5. Any strong stab attack shud be enough to kill it in two shots. Just make sure it does not bring it low hp or Cynthia gonna be spamming potions. Honestly, I'd say any dark type shud do since it resists both Spiritomb stabs

Oh and don't go breaking into people's homes or that might happen xD
What's your team?
My team was Samurott, Lucario, Zoroark, Crobat, Galvantula
Technically, Spiritomb can be defeated by a super effective move is you use Odor Slueth/Foresight, then use a STAB Fighting type move, or you can use a Pokemon that has the Ability Scrappy use a Fighting type move on Spiritomb in Gen 5.
@Swastik, is yeetboy123 your alt?
In any case I feel you should get another Pokemon. Your 5 Pokemon may get overloaded as you have only Galvantula to deal with Milotic and Braviary and only Samurott with Ice Beam to deal with Garchomp and Braviary. I feel like you'd do well with more coverage on your team.

However for Spiritomb I'd suggest you get your Zoroark with Nasty Plot + Night Daze and Flamethrower.
The truth is I forgot my last Pokemon Haxorus Xd I don't need help, in my case I just used D-Dance till I ohko most of her Pokemon (including Garchomp). And what do you mean by alt?

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Using Dark-types can really help as KyokaSuigetsu said. If you use anyone of Terrakion, Cobalion or Virizion, then their ability Justified proves helpful. Cobalion resists all of his Stab moves, while Virizion has high Sp. Def.
If you don't run these legends, then Lucario can prove helpful. I don't think it is necessary to make Lucario relearn Foresight, because you will be damaging it more than it could deal to you. If you run physical moves on Lucario, of course non-fighting, then using Swords Dance to boost your own Attack really helps. That Spiritomb's most annoying move Will-o-Wisp burns you, cutting your own Attack by half.
So any Pokemon with Taunt proves really helpful as not only it prevents it from using Will-O-Wisp, it can't run Double Team anymore which is really irritating.
You may suffer problems if you are underleveled. Can you tell the Pokemon you are using and their level?

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A dark type Pokemon will be one of the best counter to it, and the one I’ll reccomand was Houndoom
This was the set that Cynthia use on her Spiritomb:
Spiritomb (Lv 78) @No Item
Ability: Pressure
IVs: 0 Atk
- Shadow Ball
- Double Team
- Dark Pulse
- Will-O-Wisp
Likely, houndoom was immune to Will-o-Wisp and resist the two STAB move from Spiritomb. And you could encounter at Route 9 in black which was pretty early.
Instead of Houndoom, Mandibuzz was one of it’s counter, could use a tuant and makes it to be not access to use will-o-wisp, double team and resist it’s two stab move.
So simply, all dark type or could learn taunt Pokemon could get rid of Spiritomb easily.

However, instead of using a Dark type Pokemon, another good way to beat Cynthia’s Spiritomb was that train your Pokemon level higher, seems Cynthia’s Pokemon was like level 75-77, and you could use a Pokemon like level 80 or above to beat her Pokemon.

Guide for beating her other Pokemon:
-Freeze Dry could get rid of her Milotic, Garchomp and Bravery at the same time
-Lucario was easy to defeat, use Pokemon that could learn moves that was super effective to it.
-Electross has a painful speed, use a Pokemon that could learn a lot of strong STAB move to defeat it

Hope it helps!

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Thank you so muche
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