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i was looking at some close up pictures on az dunno why but I saw a very strange key around his neck I beat the game and never saw him again. does anyone know if he has something to do with those 3 locked power plant doors?


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We don't know. Game Freak haven't said anything, and nothing in the game besides the key hints this. Honestly I don't think the key is for the power plant. Remember the Team Flare grunt who was trying to get into the power plant with a pass and not a key? I think the key is for the ultimate weapon that AZ activated, though that is just a theory.

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iv always wondered if there was any way to get into those locked doors. i know that game freak never said anything its probably just some kind of event but u never know right?and thank you for answering my question
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Game Freak is really unpredictable, those doors could be a link to anything. Personally I think that AZ was just a part of the storyline and nothing more, but I could be wrong.