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I was talking with my friend a few hours ago about the weird things Game Freaks has been putting into the games in the later years.

We talked about Lt. Surge origin and his connection with Unova, the elevator girl, how AZ is able to live for 3000 years (all things I'd like to probably work into a question later on)
One argument tho stayed with me and brought me here to ask you for clarifications.

In my playthrough of Pokémon Y I've encounter the man in the spooky house near the swamp, the one that tells the tale of how, during a storm, he had found safety inside those four walls only to be greeted by a terrified man, crouched in the corner, that screamed to back away and when approached again would warn the man about five faceless men standing behind him.

Now, by itself, the story doesn't bring us anywhere.
You also have the possibility to waste money on this guy giving him a tip, and that's part of the question I'd like to ask.

I have Y, and DID NOT tip him.
My friend has X, and gave a tip.

Altought the outcome was the same.
He didn't tell us anything more about the story.

My friend brought up an interesting theory for this event.
It's a foreshadowing.

It may be a long shot, but hear me out.
The camera pans over like it's slipping down from the ceiling, the man says that, unless you tip, you will be haunted and may see something terrible.

So, the camera's serpentine movement, the "horde" of 5 men, the fact that you'll be chased by something bad if you don't show your respect for the man and the creepy ambient he's trying to create, the mysterious terrified man.

Does it ring any bell?

![enter image description here][1]

What if the man mentioned in the tale is actually AZ?
That after years of searching for his beloved Floette, after years from the destruction he created, the disorder in the ecosystem caused by his machine, he would face the consequences of being chased by the Order Pokémon?

As its entries read:

X When the Kalos region’s ecosystem falls into disarray, it appears and reveals its secret power.
Y It’s hypothesized that it’s monitoring those who destroy the ecosystem from deep in the cave where it lives.

It's just a theory, so don't call me out on it.

Regardless, here are my questions
Does the dialog change based on how much money you give the Old Man?
Does it change from game to game?
Am I alone with my friend on the AZ / Zygarde ordeal?

Let me know what you guys think and please, if you can, answer at least the first two questions!

Thanks a bunch!
[1]: http://oi39.tinypic.com/2i0yidc.jpg

this question layout tho.....
My teacher would always complain that I wasn't able to compress speeches, essays and the likes. Guess I never really learned how to.
I apologize if it's troubling you.
lol no no it was a compliment. We rarely get high quality questions like these

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Does the dialog change based on how much money you give the Old Man?

Nope. Stays the same.

Does it change from game to game?

There are just two versions of the games, and they have near identical story lines. There hasn't been any such discrepancy between them. So no for this one as well.

Am I alone with my friend on the AZ / Zygarde ordeal?

Well the thing about this world is that you're almost never the only one (or two, counting your friend). Although most people wouldn't have thought so in-depth about the seemingly fraud Spooky House manager. As for who else did though... well you'll never find out until you actually go and ask people around, but I'd not really include a list here of people who do though.

(you may skip this part, mainly an opinion of mine down there)

About the theory then, with all due respect to opinions: LOL love it when they begin hatching conspiracy theories like this. But, I doubt it was Zygarde, because if you think practically, that thing looks nothing like 5 faceless men. It's head/eyes it too prominent for that. If I were that "terrified man" I would much rather have noticed those glittering eyes before the frills. Also, since it's head is mostly held upright, it would seem that the "5 faceless men" are towering without a body, hence not looking human (men) at all.

The foreshadowing bit is pretty convincing first sight. But that means that this is probably going to happen again (being a foreshadowing of the future). Now, of the foreshadowing theory was true, the most likely target would be the player. Because:

  • The player did not tip.
  • He's/she's probably the only person of the modern age to have actually encountered Zygarde throughout the game (which makes sense because nobody ever mentions that thing in direct context).

But here's the flaw. As per the theory, Zygarde actively chases down the wrong-doer. Quite the opposite happens in the game, as we are meant to actively locate Zygarde in the Terminus Cave. Also, I don't see why Zygarde would care whether you tip or don't tip a spooky house.

Hope I helped!

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I see.
It's a shame tho.
They wasted such good opportunity for Zygarde to become a pivotal part of the storyline, especially since in the game a full town gets destroyed.
You'll think that, with a entry like his, he would show up and reveal his power, or at least get mentioned.
Too bad, I guess it must remain a game for children after all.
Thanks for the  answer Qwerty!
what if the man was looking up
and the faces looked like they were looming over them
and by faceless
they meant
only eyes
Y'know that announcement of Zygarde's forms? Looks like game freak is taking some looks into how to implement Zygarde into the storyline.