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There might be a theory going on. The new movie has a kingdom called the Azoth Kingdom. A and Z are the first letters in the alphabet and people are speculating that AZ made Magaina (Magearna in English) 500 years ago. It's still possible that he might've built it as a PokéBall or a device to bring back his Floette since they departed 2,500 years before (unless you count real time but who cares XY and ORAS.

The reason why it didn't work probably if youre following this theory is because Floette would only come back after he finally took away his anger, if I'm remembering correctly.

[Here is where I got my theory from][1]

[The website info ][2]

Thands for any answers!

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I thought the same thing about the AZOTH connection, but AZ is the King of Kalos from 3,000 years prior to the events in XY, so he's Kalosian through and through. Especially because monarchs usually hail from the country they rule. The exception, of course, is if that country is overthrown by another. But it's purely speculation at this point what the connections are between AZ, Project AZOTH, the Azoth Kingdom, and Magearna… if any exist.

Source: Played X three times, personal inquiries

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AZ's origins are presently unknown. Did you post this just to share your theory?

He is an ancient King