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I know that Lumiose City is based off of Paris. I've seen one similarity, the Prism Tower. It's quite similar to the Eiffel Tower. Then there's all the cafes. And the names are kinda French, like Furfrou and Richissme. So exactly how many references are there to Paris?

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well, paris is well known for their salons, so Coiffure Clips seems to be based of paris too
Salons, Cafes, the Prism tower and the shape of the city are the only references i know, didnt think it was enough for an answer...
All I know is the tower.

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These are the resemblances:

The five plazas are named after French words corresponding to their color: Rouge (red), Bleu (blue), Vert (green), Magenta (magenta), and Jaune (yellow).
The architecture style of Lumiose City is very similar to its real counterpart. Paris itself consists mostly of buildings dating back up to several centuries and the outskirts (also called the Parisian suburbs) were recently urbanized, dating back to the 1960s.
Similarly to Paris, Lumiose City has roads connecting to all parts of Kalos. The only difference is that Paris' connections to all parts of France are used by railroads.And the Prism tower resembles the Eiffel tower.


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