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In both Sycamore's office and on the first floor are paintings with some Generation 5 Pokemon. What are all the Pokemon that can be seen in these paintings?

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Sewaddle, Roggenrola, the lower body of Gothitelle, Audino, Boldore, and an unidentified one on the first floor (i listed these in order from left to right on the wall). On the second floor in the lab you find Trubbish on the computer monitor.

In his office on the third floor a lot of the pictures are the same from the first floor, so I'll just name the ones that aren't.
Petilil and Sigilyph are seen ontop of one another in the left side of the floor. All of the others are either from the first floor or unidentified. On the right side there are two paintings which are very hard to see, but it appears to be an Unown (maybe Victini) and a Ducklett (also kind of looks like Blaziken on a different angle) from what I can tell.

I honestly don't really understand why you would want to know.. but whatever.

Source: I spent like 30 minutes examining the pictures :P

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