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I don't know whether it's pronounced (Z-eye-guard) or (Z-eye-guard-ay).
I feuded with a friend about it for like an hour until we turned on the radio and shut up.
He's still mad at me, too...
So, how do you pronounce Zygarde that way we can settle this argument (And so I can laugh at him for being wrong)


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the name Zygarde comes from,
A letter representing third coordinate axis
( and proof that the next game is Pokemon Z) Note: Pokemon Sun and Moon...

and the french word for guard,

the -e is silent in the word garde, which is pronounced gärd.

this is the same as the english word guard, and the pronunciation of Gardevior ( gärd-ä-vwär)
another Pokemon, and therefore Zygarde is called zī-gärd

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Ha! I was right!!!!!