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I hear Poketubers (Pokemon youtubers) saying the first one but in the anime I hear the second one.

I always thought it was "you-no-vah" :P

Tbh I think it's just a matter of preference. For example, one of the commentators on the VGC World Championships pronounced Ferrothorn "fer-AH-thorn", but the general consensus is that it's pronounced "fer-OH-thorn". Or how, unlike most people, I say "JEN-jar" instead of "GEN-gar", and still others say "GEN-gr". It's up to the individual.
lol, I used to pronounce gengar ginger XD
when I first saw ratata I was confused by the number of "at"s and so I ended up calling it "ratatata" for like a year before I finally realized that it's "ratata".  After that, it took another year to break the habit... would have gone a lot faster if anyone actually had a reason to say ratata

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Its pronounced you-noo-vah. altough some people say you-nuh-vah.

But how come the people in the anime say it the other way
The anime has many mistakes, like when the official handbook (or something) said arceus was ar-key-us but the anime pronounced it ar-see-us