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Is it
I've heard it both ways.


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According to the anime, it's vivee-yon
But the anime sometimes mispronounces Pokemon (I'm looking at you, "ski-doo") or says them awkwardly.

In the main anime with Ash, they pronounce Rattata's name as "Rata-tah", and in the Origins special, Red calls it "Rat-tah-ta" (as in the fan phrase "Kakuna Rattata".. since I'm terrible at spelling pronunciations). I consider the latter to be the real one, but it can of course be used interexchangeably

ANYWAY, there are no other sort of 'official' pronunciations around (that I know of). But I am pretty sure that that 'L' is supposed to be a 'Y' sound, based on the name origin. Just pronounce it the way you feel is right.

Vivillon is derived from le papillon, which is French for butterfly. It's pronounced "papeeyon" so yeah, same for Vivillon.
Definitely viv-ee-on, most likely a combination of vivid and the French word for butterfly 'papillon', pronounced in a similar fashion. There are a handful of European languages where a double L makes a Y sound. Rattata's name is pronounced with more variation, but according to the good folk at Bulbapedia, the name is most likely a combination of rat, attack and rat-a-tat, which would suggest the first and last syllables are stressed.

God forbid if they start making Pokémon with Welsh names...