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Was gamefreak just thinking
"Let's give the water puppy his own game. Not the creator of the universe, or the lord of gratitude and thanksgiving, or the three musketeers. Yup, the water puppy is definitely more important then those guys."

Seriously, why Suicune?

Probably because the Lord of Gratitude, Creator of the Universe, and the Swords of Justice hadn't yet been born in the vast birthing pits at Game Freak, and instead they chose the one Legendary Dog that actually looks like a dog (Raikou and Entei look like cats) XD
Astronautical, I wish I could upvote comments
lol that actually makes sense xD
Should I make it an answer?

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Now, this is all theory, but as stated by RadioRebel in this forum,

"Suicune was used as the mascot because the thing on its head is shaped like a crystal. Crystals, particularly rare gemstones, fit in with the Gold and Silver pattern. Granted, they could have gone with Ruby for Entei or... some yellow mineral for Raikou based on color alone (or anything else really, Ho-Oh and Lugia are red and white, and Giratina is purple, so the names don't always have to fit), but the fact that Suicune actually had something resembling a rare mineral on it made it the obvious choice."

Kinda makes sense, right?

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Yup, but I'd still love gen 7 to have pokemon thanksgiving.
But Thanksgiving is a holiday only celebrated in the USA, and Pokemon is developed in Japan. Besides, Giratina isn't purple. It's mostly gray with a dash of red, black, and yellow.