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Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody knew what Pokemon are shiny locked in the original ruby game (for the gameboy) I wanted to shiny hunt them but I didn't want to waste my time if every one of them is shiny locked. thanks in advance for your help (I have googled for a long time trying to find the answer but I only get ORAS)

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Shiny locks, as in explicit developer-induced limitations on what Pokemon can be found Shiny, do not exist in Generation III. This is why you can't find any information on Gen III Shiny locks, because they're not there in the first place. Shiny locks began in Generation V, with Black and White locking Reshiram, Zekrom and all event Pokemon.

However, though there are no Shiny locks, there is still one Pokemon that cannot be legitmately obtained its its Shiny form in Generation III, which is Celebi, as it is an event-exclusive Pokemon that was never distributed in its Shiny form throughout the generation. However, the legendary Pokemon found within the actual games themselves, such as Groudon and Kyogre, obviously don't have the event Pokemon limitation. You're free to start resetting for them.

Example of Shiny Rayquaza from Emerald
List of Shiny locks (scroll to bottom)
List of unobtainable Shiny Pokemon

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