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I have Y and Alpha Sapphire, and the events are compatible on all gen 6 games, so what's stopping me from going to get 2 codes for Mew, one for each game, or downloading 2 Jirachis over both games?

you have to go to a place irl and get a code card. they're only supposed to give you one i think. you could go back and get another if you really wanted. i don't think it's really a rule that you can't get multiple.
OK but they can't stop you from downloading the Wi-Fi ones to each of your games?

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If you get a code, then I suppose it's up to the store employees whether or not you get 1 per game. However, if it's just a WiFi download, you are absolutely able to get one event Pokémon per game. I got two Genesects and two of each Shiny Sinnoh dragons on my White and White 2 games via WiFi download.

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OK then. I actually have two opportunities this month to go to where the codes are being given away, so I could pretend to be a different person each time and get two.