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Hello beautiful people. I live in the UK and have a Japanese copy of Alpha sapphire, everytime I try an active event via wifi it doesn't work but I am unsure to why that is. Is it because I need to be in Japan and do it since it comes from Japan? and can I do Japanese events in the uk via wifi using the wifi in the uk (I know events aren't always done via wifi but for the ones that are).

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The answer to your question is NO

I understand how it's hard to receive event Pokemon, but it is not because of where you live - it is the date and time. Events for a game WILL reach worldwide, but will be removed due to it only being available for a limited time.

For example, OR/AS's shiny beldum event when the game was released.

In America: November 21st 2014 - January 14th 2015
In Japan: November 21st 2014 - January 14th 2015
In Europe: November 28th 2014 -January 14th 2015

As you can see, the Event will reach around the world, but in different times. Since each event is available for a limited amount of time, you can not receive an event Pokemon when it is finished.

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Wait so should I follow the Japanese event calendar since the copy of ORAS I have is Japanese?
No, you follow the calender according to what region you're living in - the copy just affects the language pretty much