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I know you go to GameStop, what do you do then? Do you go to the clerk and ask about the event? Or do you just go right ahead and turn on the ds? After that, I know you go to mystery gift but which buttons do you press after that?

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EDIT: also can you tell me if the palkia dialga and giratina events are in us?


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So you go to Game Stop. Then, you turn on your Pokemon Black/White 2 game. Select "Mystery Gift", then select "Receive Gift". Next, choose "Get Via Wireless". Next, you will receive your Dialga/Palkia/Giratina. This next part you can do anywhere. Make sure you have an open slot in your party, and you can pick it up at any Pokemon Center.

The events are in US fortunately. Dialga is Aug. 19 - Sep. 8, Palkia is Sep. 9 - Sep. 29, and Giratini is Sep. 30 - Oct 20.

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Source: Here (dates) and experience (method).

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do u know if the giratina event will work on daimond since its shinoh pokemon?
Nope. Only for Black/White 2.
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>GameStop Wi-Fi events are related to Nintendo’s series of Pokemon video games, typically the versions played on a Nintendo personal gaming device, such as the Nintendo DS. These free GameStop events give players the opportunity to obtain special characters or to unlock certain aspects of the game by downloading special content via a Wi-Fi connection.
Unless a specific GameStop location is associated with an advertised GameStop Wi-Fi event, the content available for download can be obtained via a Wi-Fi connection anywhere. Events that mention a specific location can be participated in only via that store’s Wi-Fi connection. Only Nintendo personal gaming devices that offer Wi-Fi connectivity are compatible with these events. Depending on the store’s signal strength and quality, you might be able to obtain the content without having to enter the store, but you will probably need to enter the store to secure a link that will support the data transfer.
Some GameStop stores offer Pokemon game events through a wired connection to your Nintendo personal video game device. These hookups offer the same content that’s offered through the company’s Wi-Fi events, and require you to visit a GameStop location. Your Nintendo device must have USB connectivity and you will need to take your own USB cable to the store in order to access the data needed for your Pokemon game’s expansion.

And yes the Sinnoh trio event will be available in USA