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So I heard that Gamestop is giving out the event Pokemon Keldeo, I've never been to one of these type of events and I'm curious,do you have to pay to get Keldeo? If yes then how much?


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If you want to pay me that is okay! XD But nah, you don't have to pay for the event. Just ask the employees at the GameStop to help you out with it and they'll kindly do so.

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Hehehe thanks.Did you get Keldeo already?
Can someone tell me  how do i catch Keldeo because i am in a unkown state in europe and i dont have gamestop here so can someone tell me if i can catch and how i already have the game and beaten the elite 4 ( the nds and b2 game  was a birthday gift from my kousin in usa)
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I have gotten 3 pokemon from gamestop. Its all free. They even help you out if you have problems.

Thanks I guess I'll try to go get him
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Dont beg for BA Trents answer is just as good
Lol how desperate
I just went into the store and did the Wireless thing on my D.S. by the door way XD
I did it outside
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