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I just saw the event shiny gengar that is going to be released soon and I wondered, how do you claim it? It says that the code is available at participating gamestop stores. Do they just have a big sign in the front saying a code to enter? Do you need to ask the attendant? Do you have to be at gamestop to get the Pokemon? Can I just google the code and use it? Thanks!


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At the Keldeo event for 'Game' in the UK you received the Pokemon as you would with Mystery Gift but the event was local to the stores's Wifi. I'm pretty sure it will be simular to that one.
The people at the store will most liekly help you out as well.

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I know that on the 3ds they have a "claim gift with code" (or something like that) I don't know if it is with their wifi or code tho :/
I didn't know that the people at the store will "liekly" help you out. :D Sorry for being annoying.