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I get my 3DS games from the times my mum has to go to the US for business stuff. But I live in India, where there are no GameStop stores. Is there no way I can gain access to those awesome Xerneases and Yveltals they give away? Or can I get a code via the internet? Thanks in advance.

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Have you tried traveling to the other country?
I am pretty sure codes are region locked; if you have a relative that got 2 of the event codes, you can ask them to trade you one of the event pokemon :P
There is no India in the regions list on the DS, so my location is set as US. I guess I can try asking her for a code. And thanks, sumwun. I shall definitely book a flight and go to the other side of the globe for a code.
You don't have to go that far. I think Australia is a good place to get codes.
I was kidding, anyway thanks

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If I've got what you're asking correct which is can you get any of the u.s. monthly legendaries without being in the US the only way you can is to link trade someone that has one I recommend going to smogon trading thread and see if someone has one if this is not what you're asking please explain your question better.

That's what I am asking for, thanks