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Let's ignore what your attack stats are: if you are attacking for 60 with aerial ace, and you use Swords Dance first, and you are using a Scyther with Technician, you would get 90 out of aerial ace, then STAB to give 135... but what would the Swords Dance do in combination with Technician on the aerial ace?

When Swords Dance raises the base power of your attack does that cancel out the effect of Technician, because the base power of the move will become higher than 60, or does it stack up?

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Swords Dance boosts your attack - not the base power of your moves. It has no effect whatsoever on the base power, so Technician will still take effect. So technically it does stack

Like I said there, Swords Dance raises Attack, which affects Damage, but not Base Power. The power of Aerial Ace would remain at base 135, however Scyther's Attack would Double, therefore effectively doubling the damage Aerial Ace will do.

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