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Self-explanatory. I don't want to waste time/money breeding Eevees. It says the father's HMs/TMs get passed down. Will this type of logic work and/or a glitch that will make it work if not?

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Quite simply, no. As you're referring to TM's I'm assuming this is Gen IV. For the offspring to be born with a TM move that the father knew at the time you deposited it, the offspring itself (i.e. Eevee) must be able to learn it naturally. It would be like hatching a Dratini (a snake Pokémon) and expecting it to know Dragon claw just because it's Dragonite father knew it. Like wise, depositing two Pokémon with a level up move will only result in the offspring knowing the move if it learns it naturally by level up; using Dratini as an example again, two Dragonites with Wing Attack will not result in a Dratini with Wing Attack.

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Primeape can learn iron tail, so what's wrong with a dragon claw Dratini?
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Ok Primeape learning Iron Tail is weird, and Dratini not learning Dragon Claw is probably not the best example, seeing as Diglett/Dugtrio can learn Scratch and Slash, but anatomy is (somewhat) irrelevant in this context, I was focusing on the ability (or lack of) to learn a move, but yeah, Game Freak logic...
thanks hyper beam. you saved my time. i planed to breed two vaporleons to see if eevee cen inherit water attaks.