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I've been hearing rumors about the "Crosswalk" Method in the Friend Safaris in X and Y. I'm not sure about how it would work though. Could someone give an explanation to what it is?

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Use D-Pad clockwise start at the very top of the grass patch and cross right -> <- left until you encounter a Pokemon (K/O or Faint it) then walk down from that patch until you encounter another Pokemon (It doesn’t have to be the same Pkm) K/O that one then walk <- or -> repeat until a Shiny appears. Then go Up again. Repeat.This now gives order to your walks. This method will not allow you to walk diagonally, instead it will only allow Up/Down or Left/Right walks.Do not use your Bike. Walk only.

Its a method of finding shinys ♡~♥

You start in the patch left top and go in a special path

If you need more help check this or this.

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I think it means crosswalk like a street. :P
Ahhhh now it makes sense :D and the Corners of your turning are the Sidewalk corners amiright :D?
Right. XP
How does this work at all? I mean does rotating in that pattern trigger something special that increases shiny chances?
I'm pretty sure it doesn't actually work. Tried a few times, and I fail to see how the method could yield shinies. I think the point is that it just makes it easier/faster to encounter a Pokemon, thus your chances of finding a shiny are higher. It's worth noting that Friend Safaris have a naturally higher rate of shinies than the wild.