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sorry if the question isn't understandable. basically I'm asking if the higher shiny rate (somewhere around 1/512) only affects when the safari of your friend has three Pokemon. reason I'm asking is because I was in a safari with only two Pokemon and lasted 1-2 hours straight and didn't even encounter one!

thanks in advance.

hopefully the question is completely understandable xD

Ive been in safaris with 3 pokemon for hours and never encountered a shiny, im almost certain its the same rate however

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>Pokémon encountered in the Friend Safari have a 1/512 chance of being Shiny, or eight times more likely than normal; this chance is unaffected by the Shiny Charm.

From what I got from this, I'm assuming that the number of Pokemon does not affect the shiny chance. Also, keep in mind, shiny Pokemon are pretty rare, you could be in a Friend Safari for days and find no shiny Pokemon at all.

Hope this helps!

cheers guy :D either way, I found a shiny audino with 3 pokemon in a safari last night, that's the main reason why I asked the question.