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Here's my scenario:
> I know this is crazy but I have a strong feeling it can be pulled off by taking advantage of Charizard Y's Drought ability and Leafeon's hidden ability Chlorophyll (doubles speed in sunshine). I was thinking about teaching Eevee Natural Gift through egg moves and have it hold the respective berry for that move to be a rock type, this would be a x4 hit on Mega Charizard.

My friend usually uses his Charizard and this is why I am asking for help how would I go about getting the egg move Natural Gift and the Hidden Ability Anticipation onto a female Eevee?

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Okay first of all, it's not Nature Power that you give the Pokémon a Berry to hold to change the moves type it's Natural Gift.

Because Eevee can only have Natural Gift by breeding, you must breed a Female Eevee with it's Hidden Ability with either a Male Phanpy, Pansage, Pansear or Panpour that knows Natural Gift, in order to potentially get an Eevee with it's Hidden Ability and Natural Gift.

There's a small chance you can get an Eevee with it's Hidden Ability from the Normal type Friend Safari.

When breeding there's a 60% chance for Eevee to pass down it's Hidden Ability to it's offspring.

If a female Pokémon has a Hidden Ability and is bred, it has a 60% chance of giving that Ability to each of its children. Each of the other Abilities has a 20% chance of being passed down.

To turn Natural Gift into a Rock type move give it one of the following Berries; Wiki, Magost, Charti or Micle.

In addition Eevee cannot learn Nature Power, although Leafeon can learn it through TM96 in Pokémon X and Y.

Sources: Eevee, Normal type Friend Safari, Natural Gift, Nature Power, Hidden Abilities

Hope I helped :)

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That is brilliant, thank you so much :') I thought hidden abilities could only be obtained on offspring if you breed a male pokemon with the hidden ability with a ditto, thanks for clearing the fog! ^_^
No problem, glad I could help :)
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Eevee Cannot learn Nature Power But it can learn
Natural Gift Which fits your description.

Natural Gift:
The user draws power to attack by using its held Berry. The Berry determines its type and power.

Also Eevee Can't learn Nature power its type of attack varies depending on the location
so it isn't connected to berries at all.

Hope I helped!