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Action Replay 101: By Le Scraf

Are you tired of trying to catch all of the Pokemon? Are leveling up your Pokemon a bore to you, and you only want to battle with Level 100 Pokemon? Do you want your Garchomp to learn Dragon Dance?

Look no further! Meet the Action Replay.
The Action Replay is a hacking/cheating device used on DS, DSi, and 3DS.

Action Replays work like any other cheating device. The users input codes like this one,:

(Not an actual code)
0000 00FF
1111 01EE
0101 0AFF
1101 1C00

activate them, and voila! The code alters the game through the AR and the world is yours. Different codes serve different purposes, like teaching Pokemon moves they cannot normally learn, letting the character walk through walls, and catching Level 26 wild Arceus.

Source: Lots of Experience with AR

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1 question how do u get them and how do u enter them by the way good answer