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I've actually been thinking about that for a while because I did that with my Riolu and I think it was my Pichu and now I'm starting to think that it was a bad idea.
If it seems a bit weak for its level, and you didn't EV train it, that might be why.
I'm starting to understand that now. They've both evolved already but I haven't really used them in battle.

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It will do whatever you tell it to do. Since you are cheating you can either tell it to just level up or you can add EVs and specify the IVs. But probably by default it just increases the level, you will still need to train a fair bit to gain EVs.

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If you use action replay to level up a pokemon faster, the level increase will affect its stats. A pokemon's stats are influenced by:




-Base Stats

Leveling up your pokemon faster via AR won't result in lower stats, if anything, it'll make them higher. However, neglecting their EVs, having a reducing nature, and low IVs can all result in lower stats for the pokemon though. You can't control base stats obviously. Since you're using AR, you can probably just edit the game to set the pokemon as needed. If you want quick EVs, but don't have a code for it, you could always just use a money code to get the money to buy vitamins (which only give up to 100 EVs in a stat if said stat hasn't already gone over 100.)

You know, maybe I an get another AR and catch a perfect EV Dunsparce. :)