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Here's the situation, I hatched my Ralts from an egg. It is now a Gallade. If I trade my Gallade to Pokemon Platinum and level it up using rare candies gained from an Action Replay cheat, will Gallade's data be corrupted or affected in any way? P.S. The father of Ralts was a Ralts caught from Pokemon Platinum that was on an Action Replay cheat-999 rare candies.


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The Pokemon in the game are unaffected, unless they become BadEGGs. The Rare Candies will not be corrupt in any way. The only way a Pokemon in game which used the Action Replay can get affected is if the game itself gets corrupted, or the Pokemon becomes a BadEGG.

Source: Quite a bit of Google

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Thanks! I was extra cautious because I don't want to have a corrupted game.