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Ok,I know that Action Replay is NOT a good idea to use,but is there a way I can use it without messing up my game?
e.g Using only a few cheats at a time.

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The only way to protect your game from Action Replay 100% is by not using it.

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Nope. Action-replay will always have a chance of messing with your game. Though Pokegen and Pokesav are much safer alternatives(and are less looked down upon).

Just to clarify, it crashes from using too many codes at once. If you only use a few cheat codes, as Glameow said, I can almost guarantee it won't crash. The whole "it'll mess up your game" myth comes around from people using too many complex and specific codes at once.
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They don't mess up your game...If you use to many cheats the Action Replay will just not work.

That is not true. It is a well known fact that AR can corrupt the save file.
Well i used to use it until it broke.It lasted for 2 years and my ds is still here and my pokemon platinum save file is still there...
My brother and I got the AR DSi.  I only used it to get 900 Master Balls for a test.  Then I gave it to my brother.
It lasted about 5 minutes.
Action Replay messed up my PC box in Emerald version. Now I can't access it to withdraw or deposit any Pokemon and I was going to add some legendaries to my team to trade to Pokemon Colosseum and XD, but now I guess I can't do that. When I was playing normally, I forgot to pick up the Super Rod from Mosdeep City and I was trying to figure out where this Feebas slot was. Well, these wild Pokemon in the waters of Route 119 were getting on my nerves, and I fished up other Pokemon other than Feebas, like all these Carvanha. You see, when I was getting near the end of the game the first time, I was interested in the cloning glitch, which could only be done at the Battle Frontier, so I rushed through the game, so I can beat the Elite Four, choose a Lati, and then get recruited by Scott to the Battle Frontier, and do this glitch at the Battle Tower. So I used an action replay code just now to force Feebas to appear so I can just get it by surfing, but it didn't work. Remember I just got my action replay too, so I'm just testing codes on my action replay, but I have many Pokemon on my game that are not mine.

However, that's not all I did. I also tried to use a warp code to help me get to Mirage Island because I wanted a Liechi Berry so bad from there to help me with Pokemon Emerald and XD. Because my game's battery has been dead for a long time, time will not progress and it kind of hurts that because of that for that reason, I cannot get to Mirage Island. I also included the code where to get a special Mirage Island Pokemon, shiny Feebas, and by listening to someone from Yahoo Answers, I went and removed every single Pokemon from every box in position 1 to another slot, except the first time I forgot about Lotad in Box 1, but it was only level 4, mind you, because this Mirage Island Pokemon will appear in a random box in slot 1, but it wasn't true. The Pokemon didn't show up. The only thing it did after I saved after obtaining the rod was corrupt my save file, or just totally ruin and devastate it.