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I would like to know if I used Action Replay to make a perfectly legal Pokemon, will a Hack checker catch it, and can I use it in tournaments?

Not if it's a level 59 Volcarona.
i'm 98% sure they'd catch it
Even if it's legal, many people overlook the information given on the summary, like catching a Dialga on Route 3. Also, there's the secret ID.
I used action replay many times on orevious gens and had no problems at all. I played in several tournaments and once they find a banned or unusuable pokemon its just "not alout" thats all. They literally notify you to pick another. Its you the gamer whom can play what you want, cheat if you mY

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It's better to breed up. You get a better feel for the Pokemon that way and what works well or new tactics that not everyone is using.

I can normally tell a hacked poké. They're typically competition level and crappier than I am at battling. They're also normally popular pokes and half the time they're shiny.

You can get a comp Pokemon with an hour and a half of breeding and an hour and a half of leveling/training that'll do you far better.

But yes, as long as they're 100% legit. Ribbons, met location, etc. you can use them.
(Don't egg move any caught pokes. It won't work. Only egg pokes.)