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This came up at the start of a double battle. Did I do something wrong? What does this mean?

What is it's level? That could be it if it's too high. Tell me it's level and how many badges you have.

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No you're not doing anything wrong.

This message can come up in battle when a Pokémon is sent out and has +2 Affection.

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokémon-Amie#Battle_quotes

Hope I helped :)

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I see now, thanks. wow, some of those messages are really misleading, aren't they...
No problem and yeah you're telling me :)
How about this. Me and my Charizard has never played with Amie and he does this.
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This just means you've played with Talonflame on Pokemon Amie. It's actually good, despite the negative context. xD

Hope I helped. :)
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