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I have been training Lucario and it said that before I battled a wild Pokemon. It has also said stuff like "Lucario seems a bit uneasy" or "Lucario looks out of it" and stuff like that. What have I been doing to make it start saying that? If it matters, I have done some Pokemon-amie and I super trained it to the max. Also anytime it enters a battle it does the little shudder thing like it has Anticipation but it doesn't say anything. What is going on? (I am also assuming this could possibly happen with a different Pokemon)

erm I don't know what to say

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I believe this is because of your pokémon amie "quality" time.
I have experienced this with my moltres and articuno too.
If you give your pokémon 2 hearts it will start saying stuff and shake a bit.
Nothing to worry about.

Hope I helped a bit.

Source: 1 and a half month of experience.

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That is what I thought.... Well at first I actually thought it might have been affecting his attack but then I realized that was a bit ridiculous.... Anyway, thanks a lot!
np thnx for the BA ;)
It really just means he's on his way to happiness. Keep that up and you'll get a very happy Lucario!