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Pokemon can have a minimum of 1 HP, and then any number of HP after tat right? (before 714 of course). So how much HP would Leftovers heal on a Pokemon that has:
>1 HP Eg- Shedinja
1-15 HP Eg- Level 1 Beldum or some random Pokemon like that

In these cases, I hink that Leftovers might actually not heal on some turns (it heals 1/16 of Max HP, and sine the resulting HP that is healed will come to be below 1, and that 1 is not a sixteenth of their HP, some healing would have to be skipped for leftovers to do it's funtion), which is peculiar, but I wanted to confirm.

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For Pokémon with 1 HP, leftovers would never heal them. Because their HP is either full, or they are fainted. And leftovers doesn't heal in any of these instances.

So for Pokémon with HP ranging from 2 - 15, the amount of HP regained would be rounded up to 1. They wouldn't not be healed, because the leftovers always heal (apart from in the mentioned instances). And their HP wouldn't be restored by a fraction, because, that just doesn't happen! So their HP would be restored by 1 each turn, as if it had 16 HP.

Source: Knowledge and Experience

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So you mean to say that a beldum with 11 HP would gain 1/11 of it's HP rather than 1/16...?
That's simply unfair lol
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