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What do you guys think?

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I doubt it. Where did you hear this from?
I can't tell if you are asking for our opinion or if you are trying to confirm the details of the event. Remember that opinion-based questions are against the rules of this site; go to the chat if you want to know what people think.
How do you expect us to answer this?
I was asking him where he heard this information about an "event shiny Zygarde".
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@J. Fuseon (Amalgeon) To answer your question, the Pokemon YouTube channel posted a video today announcing monthly distributions of various legendary Pokemon, one of which includes a shiny Zygarde. My original comment was directed towards the person who posted this question.
@Celestial★Hurricane: Found it! You can get shiny Zygarde in June.

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According to the newest video posted by The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel, various Legendary Pokémon distributions will be held this year to "Celebrate the year of Legendary Pokémon".

Here is a list of the Legendaries being distributed and what month they'll be held:

February: The box Legendaries of DP (Dialga and Palkia)
March: Regigigas and Heatran
April: Entei and Raikou
May: The box Legendaries of XY (Xerneas and Yveltal)
June: Zygarde (Shiny)
July: Thundurus and Tornadus
August: The box Legendaries of RS/ORAS (Kyogre and Groudon)
September: The [email protected] (Latios and Latias)
October: The box Legendaries of BW/B2W2 (Reshiram and Zekrom)
November: The box Legendaries of HS/HGSS (Lugia and Ho-oh)

Upon further and more detailed research, you can get the one that is not respective to your game, except Zygarde.
I.E.: From the distribution event, you can get Palkia if you have Sun/Ultra Sun and Dialga if you have Moon/Ultra Moon. This would still require you to go through the Ultra Wormhole "Warp Drive" to get the one that IS respective to your game.

With these new distribution events, they'll let you encounter the other Legendaries in USUM's Ultra Wormhole "Warp Drive" sidequest with ease, especially those which require certain other Legendaries to be present in your party to encounter them.

Those certain others being:
Rayquaza = Kyogre + Groudon
Landorus = Thundurus + Tornadus
Suicune = the remaining two Legendary Dogs
Kyurem = Reshiram + Zekrom
Giratina = Dialga + Palkia

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Can't you get both exclusives even if you have 1 of the games? It will save you the trouble of reentering the Ultra Wormhole.