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Say that I live in Sweden and I want a Arceus. And Arceus doesn´t come to sweden to BW2 any more. Later a Event Arceus comes to Japan/Usa and I want Arceus. Then that´s not fair?


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Because in Japan and USA, Pokemon is HUGE.

I'm doing this in Japan's point of view, because I think this applies more to Japan, rather than the USA. In Japan, Pokemon is like Mario. Everyone knows about it - it has been incredibly popular since the day of it's release. Like, click here to read about Pokemon's influence on Japan.

It may be incredibly popular in other countries, but you seriously can't beat Japan's Pokemon obsession. Also, I may have been imagining, but I think they named a Japanese city after Pikachu for a month. (I'm not sure if I read this or not, but whatever. xD)

Also, this is convenient for Nintendo as Nintendo is located in Japan, so it's very easy for them.

Hope I helped. :)

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Japan is to the point where they use Pokemon for propaganda too, everywhere, like having an entire plane skinned for Pokemon, and being on posters all over Japan, and even having its own huge feature on a TV show and Magazine (Coro coro)
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USA and Japan are the countries in which the games sell most. With events there, more people get the Arceus then in, say, Madagascar. It's a business tactic, and I'm sorry that some events can't get to you.

Side Note: Game Freak (the company who makes Pokemon) is stationed in Japan. It is also cheaper to station an event in your home country than to bring the event to Sweden (or even the USA). This is why Japan gets more events. Source